MEGA Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Sale

Let’s be honest, Patty Jansen’s monthly science fiction and fantasy books sales have become pretty awesome over the past few months. With a different theme every four weeks, it’s the perfect chance to grab a bargain and happen upon a great new author. This weekend only (July 2nd – 3rd) there are over 100 books for 99c from science fiction like my own RENOVO, to fantasy, humorous reads and boxed sets. It’s not exclusive to Amazon either, so if you want Kobo books or dozens of new reads for your Nook, then there’s lots on offer.




So if you want some great new reads, have a look at the promo. Simply click the icon for the book format you’d like, and you’ll be taken to the correct page.

Happy browsing; enjoy your adventures into these new exciting fantasy and sci-fi lands. ūüėÄ

CRYO is on hiatus

The drawback of life is that we have to earn cash to survive, to pay bills, to buy food, to look after our families…and cute little dogs! Sadly, this means that as a writer, I’m not always going to be a) able to actually publish very swiftly and b) finish stories that just don’t sell. And, alas, I’ve come to the sad decision that CRYO, for now, is on an indefinite hiatus.

I¬†LOVE the CRYO series. I’m very much like John myself; always dreaming of the future and looking for ways to escape, it just so happens that I write books and John ends up dying, getting himself frozen and sent forward in time! Honestly, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the new world he’s found himself in. There’s a lot more to explore. What happened to Kath, for example? Will John find answers to humanity’s fate? And will Agnes ever get what’s coming to her? If you’ve read the Kholorian Conspiracy, you’ll also have an inkling that Earth’s new inhabitants have not been telling the truth and also that there’s a vast galaxy of alien races out there. I mean, Seralah and John are still to meet (and yes, I have that scene written!)

The revamped CRYO cover

BUT, having revamped the cover and relaunched CRYO this past January, it’s failed to hit the spot on Amazon. As any author knows, and as you, if you’re a reader, might realise, the self publishing industry isn’t cheap. I don’t moan because it’s something I love doing, and it’s amazing we live in a world where we can write and publish our books so easily. However, when you’re self-employed, are¬†trying¬†keeping a roof over your head and have mouths to feed (and when I say mouths I include the dozens of chickens, dogs, cats and everything else in my menagerie) you have to focus on what’s bringing in the bacon.

The CRYO¬†novels are 100,000 words and longer, and I don’t want to cut that because, hey, there’s a lot of story to get through. But it means they take several months to write and I can’t justify the time spent on them. I have odd scenes, and story ideas for the series written here and there, so I desperately hope I can continue to books at some point. But, for now, John and his team are on hiatus.

Instead, I will focus on the RENOVO series. These are novelettes at 40-45k words and are, therefore, quicker to write and cheaper to publish. Plus, I do love Rachel and Dendrick’s story and am eager to see where it takes us.

So, for now, it’s adieu from John, Agnes, Franz and Kuunya (with a future whisper from Kath). I’m sure Dr. Galliance will be pleased…at least she’s going to get more page time. ūüėČ

Science Fiction Thriller RENOVO Grounded Has (Crash) Landed

Renovo_2_FinalI’m thrilled to announce that RENOVO Grounded is now here. Dr. Rachel Galliance’s story is a joy to write, even if she does like to tread in dangerous places. Sometimes I wonder how she’s even still alive; and we’re only two books into this series! Her sidekick Dendrick is up to his usual tricks, the mystery of the RENOVO’s journey is still unknown, Rachel’s quest to find Silver continues AND there are some new additions to the crew. There’s A LOT happening.

For the first three days, RENOVO Grounded is only 99c, and then on Sunday it’ll go up to its regular price of $3.99. Meanwhile, RENOVO is at 99c for the foreseeable future so you can jump into the series without paying out much. If you’d like to read the first chapter of Grounded you can do so here, on this website. Alternatively, just head across to Amazon and grab it on the US or UK site.

Thanks for all your support. I can’t wait to find out what Rachel and the RENOVO crew get up to next!

Space Thriller RENOVO Grounded Arrives April 15th

renovoadvertHurrah! I’ve finally got a date for the launch of RENOVO Grounded…and it’s THIS Friday (April 15th!)

For the indefinite future I’m going to keep RENOVO at 99c so you can jump into this series without paying any great expense. The series is also in Amazon Prime so, if you’re a member, you can read for free.

In addition, I’ve also got the FIRST FULL CHAPTER up on the website too, so hop on over and have a read what Dr. Rachel Galliance and her best friend Dendrick are up to.

It’s been a blast to write this second outing aboard the RENOVO (albeit no longer IN space) and I can’t wait to see what you think. In the meantime, I’m diving straight back in to see what Rachel and the crew are up to now.

RENOVO; Grounded – The New Science Fiction Thriller is Almost Here

I’m so ecstatic so announce that the follow-up to RENOVO is almost here. I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting Dr. Rachel Galliance and her crew back on track. The last thing their ship was headed into a downwards spiral towards an alien planet. Now…well, RENOVO Grounded certainly gives you a hint of what’s to come.

The book is currently with my editor, and we’re looking at a mid-April release date. I know, I know – I planned to get it out in March, but you can’t rush these things and it took me a little longer than I’d thought to go through the first draft and do the initial edit.

So, what can you expect? More claustrophobic situations for Rachel, that’s for sure. There’ll probably be some drinking, a few arguments, maybe some romance and so surprising new characters too (not all of them may be human, hint, hint).

For now I’ll leave you with the fabulous cover by Yoly!


Zombie short story, Hybrid, is now on Amazon!

In 2015 I was lucky enough to part of The Future Chronicles crew. I had a story in The Alien Chronicles, and then Hybrid was published in The Z Chronicles. I thought it would be fun to do a short prequel to Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within – mainly to detail how the zombie drug first came into being.

Now six months later, it’s on Amazon! You can find it in both the UK and US stores for 99c.

Hybrid - High Resolution



Attempting to cure the diseased is next to impossible, especially when you’re only seventeen. Freya, plunged into a horror-filled world, has the weight of her community’s hopes on her shoulders. Infection is spreading. To survive, she’ll do whatever it takes.





In other news; I’ve just wrapped up the first draft of RENOVO; Ground¬†and have had the first mock for the cover. It’s good – the cover, that is; you can be the judge of the book. ūüôā

Grab Some Science Fiction for 99c – CRYO is on Offer Until Sunday

I’m thrilled to have relaunched CRYO. It wasn’t something I’d ever thought of doing until a friend said ‘Hey, you’re spending dollar on a new cover. Relaunch that series instead of simply swapping covers‘. It’s true – I was simply going to pop into my KDP and upload a new cover. But it turned out a relaunch was perfect; I was benefit from Amazon’s 30 days of new releases AND benefit from previous reviews by getting the powers at be to tie the two editions together.

CRYO officially launched yesterday and is on a special deal offer of 99c until Sunday where it’ll go back to it’s original price for the indefinite future. So, grab it now whilst it’s cheap. It’s in Select too, so if you have prime, you can borrow it, and the sequel, for free. Just head over to Amazon US or Amazon UK to see the blurb, enjoy the Look Inside and grab the book.


2016 – The Year of Thunderclap?

When it comes to remembering people’s new¬†novel¬†releases, friend’s publications and books authors have slaved over, I’m terrible. Unless I actually happen to see someone’s social media post on the day of release, it passes me by. And that happens pretty consistently because everyone’s social media feeds are pretty crammed, right? Then, there’s the guilt I didn’t help out, that I might have pushed a few sales for them, given them a higher rank, helped to really get a good shine on that book. It sucks. I’ve always thought I should set out a set schedule and try to automate stuff, but that takes a lot of time and you can still easily miss releases or forget to send a social media push on the right day.

Recently I’ve discovered Thunderclap; a tool that, in my mind, could change this, though it requires more authors to utilise it. Fundamentally, Thunderclap uses the power of social media to spread a single message on a single day as far as possible. All you have to do is sign up to tweet, post to Tumblr or add content to Facebook on a certain day with a pre-determined message. EVERYTHING is already done for you. And you can send content out on as many or few platforms as you like…which is good, because my Tumblr is a smallholding blog and is far removed from any bookish stuff. Meanwhile, my Twitter is ideal.

As an example of how Thunderclap works, gay romance author Alina Popescu is launching Broth3rly on January 15th. She currently has¬†30¬†supporters set to send her release message out, and that should reach 119,409 people. That’s a pretty epic amount, considering if I, myself, tweeted, it would only reach a fraction of that. It just shows that if we all pull together, we can make a difference, a¬†real difference. Also, for the amount of work involved, it’s a win-win; you’re helping people out without really having to do anything.

I have my own Thunderclap going for the relaunch of CRYO: Rise of the Immortals. If you’d be happy to send out a tweet or message (something I’d VERY much appreciate) then please hop over to Thunderclap and check it out.

Bear in mind that if you’re using the free Thunderclap then it could take up to three days for your page to be approved. I say ‘could’¬†because despite the holidays, mine only took a single day. So, if you’re looking to push your social media reach for releases, or just want to help others out, then definitely check out Thunderclap in 2016. I think it could be a great way to bringing the community together. Most importantly, if¬†you’ve¬†got a new release, consider using this platform and LET PEOPLE KNOW (including me)!

Happy New Year, folks.