A Video ‘Hi’ From Me to You!

I was walking the dogs this past Saturday, and feeling triumphant having finally managed to get more words upon a page. So I thought I’d film a little video update (see below).

I think I might it a regular thing because a) it’s social pressure to actually write, b) it’s a fun way to update you and c) after writing fiction all day, I’m not always chomping on the bit to write a blog. A video post, however, that’s enough creatively different to make it fun!

So, hi! This is the first video on my new YouTube channel. Sign up if you wish (and click the bell button so you’re actually notified of uploads) and join me. And please tell me what you’d like to see – of course there’ll be book updates and news on sales etc, but anything else? Just ask and I’ll try to pop it into a video.


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