Tarmachan is a…success?

Though I might have finished writing Tarmachan (Book 1 of the Gathin Chronicles) last month, before any major editing takes place, I sent it out to a couple of betas. I’ll be honest – I rarely use betas. For an established series, CRYO or RENOVO, for example, the characters have already been created, and the stories are percolating in my mind. Of course, when I release a new book, I’m SUPER nervous because you don’t know if everyone will like what’s coming. However, the story is already established. With a new series, however, I like to test the waters.

There are all sorts of questions that run through my brain; what if it’s just 50,000 words of crap? What if I’ve gone off on a strange tangent and readers don’t ‘get it‘? What if my lead is just horrible and unlikeable?

Of course, I hoped this wouldn’t be the case and….having heard back from my betas…I’m happy to report Tarmachan is a THUMBS UP! To be fair, I hope that a young tom-boy lesbian princess breaking out of the confines of her parent’s castle and being unleashed into a world of trolls, sprites, nymphs, centaurs and other creatures MIGHT just be fun not only to write, but to read. And, so far, so good. The beta’s loved Lyllia, the creatures she discovered and the journey she survived.

So, basically, this is a long-winded way of announcing that the Gathin Chronicles are GO! I’m starting on the first edit now and then it’ll be off to the editor and, with any luck, published before the end of the month. Work has also started on RENOVO book 4; there’s A LOT to do!

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