CRYO is on hiatus

The drawback of life is that we have to earn cash to survive, to pay bills, to buy food, to look after our families…and cute little dogs! Sadly, this means that as a writer, I’m not always going to be a) able to actually publish very swiftly and b) finish stories that just don’t sell. And, alas, I’ve come to the sad decision that CRYO, for now, is on an indefinite hiatus.

LOVE the CRYO series. I’m very much like John myself; always dreaming of the future and looking for ways to escape, it just so happens that I write books and John ends up dying, getting himself frozen and sent forward in time! Honestly, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the new world he’s found himself in. There’s a lot more to explore. What happened to Kath, for example? Will John find answers to humanity’s fate? And will Agnes ever get what’s coming to her? If you’ve read the Kholorian Conspiracy, you’ll also have an inkling that Earth’s new inhabitants have not been telling the truth and also that there’s a vast galaxy of alien races out there. I mean, Seralah and John are still to meet (and yes, I have that scene written!)

The revamped CRYO cover

BUT, having revamped the cover and relaunched CRYO this past January, it’s failed to hit the spot on Amazon. As any author knows, and as you, if you’re a reader, might realise, the self publishing industry isn’t cheap. I don’t moan because it’s something I love doing, and it’s amazing we live in a world where we can write and publish our books so easily. However, when you’re self-employed, are trying keeping a roof over your head and have mouths to feed (and when I say mouths I include the dozens of chickens, dogs, cats and everything else in my menagerie) you have to focus on what’s bringing in the bacon.

The CRYO novels are 100,000 words and longer, and I don’t want to cut that because, hey, there’s a lot of story to get through. But it means they take several months to write and I can’t justify the time spent on them. I have odd scenes, and story ideas for the series written here and there, so I desperately hope I can continue to books at some point. But, for now, John and his team are on hiatus.

Instead, I will focus on the RENOVO series. These are novelettes at 40-45k words and are, therefore, quicker to write and cheaper to publish. Plus, I do love Rachel and Dendrick’s story and am eager to see where it takes us.

So, for now, it’s adieu from John, Agnes, Franz and Kuunya (with a future whisper from Kath). I’m sure Dr. Galliance will be pleased…at least she’s going to get more page time. 😉

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