Zombie short story, Hybrid, is now on Amazon!

In 2015 I was lucky enough to part of The Future Chronicles crew. I had a story in The Alien Chronicles, and then Hybrid was published in The Z Chronicles. I thought it would be fun to do a short prequel to Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within – mainly to detail how the zombie drug first came into being.

Now six months later, it’s on Amazon! You can find it in both the UK and US stores for 99c.

Hybrid - High Resolution



Attempting to cure the diseased is next to impossible, especially when you’re only seventeen. Freya, plunged into a horror-filled world, has the weight of her community’s hopes on her shoulders. Infection is spreading. To survive, she’ll do whatever it takes.





In other news; I’ve just wrapped up the first draft of RENOVO; Ground and have had the first mock for the cover. It’s good – the cover, that is; you can be the judge of the book. 🙂

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