RENOVO; Grounded – The New Science Fiction Thriller is Almost Here

I’m so ecstatic so announce that the follow-up to RENOVO is almost here. I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting Dr. Rachel Galliance and her crew back on track. The last thing their ship was headed into a downwards spiral towards an alien planet. Now…well, RENOVO Grounded certainly gives you a hint of what’s to come.

The book is currently with my editor, and we’re looking at a mid-April release date. I know, I know – I planned to get it out in March, but you can’t rush these things and it took me a little longer than I’d thought to go through the first draft and do the initial edit.

So, what can you expect? More claustrophobic situations for Rachel, that’s for sure. There’ll probably be some drinking, a few arguments, maybe some romance and so surprising new characters too (not all of them may be human, hint, hint).

For now I’ll leave you with the fabulous cover by Yoly!


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