Science Fiction Thriller RENOVO Grounded Has (Crash) Landed

Renovo_2_FinalI’m thrilled to announce that RENOVO Grounded is now here. Dr. Rachel Galliance’s story is a joy to write, even if she does like to tread in dangerous places. Sometimes I wonder how she’s even still alive; and we’re only two books into this series! Her sidekick Dendrick is up to his usual tricks, the mystery of the RENOVO’s journey is still unknown, Rachel’s quest to find Silver continues AND there are some new additions to the crew. There’s A LOT happening.

For the first three days, RENOVO Grounded is only 99c, and then on Sunday it’ll go up to its regular price of $3.99. Meanwhile, RENOVO is at 99c for the foreseeable future so you can jump into the series without paying out much. If you’d like to read the first chapter of Grounded you can do so here, on this website. Alternatively, just head across to Amazon and grab it on the US or UK site.

Thanks for all your support. I can’t wait to find out what Rachel and the RENOVO crew get up to next!

Space Thriller RENOVO Grounded Arrives April 15th

renovoadvertHurrah! I’ve finally got a date for the launch of RENOVO Grounded…and it’s THIS Friday (April 15th!)

For the indefinite future I’m going to keep RENOVO at 99c so you can jump into this series without paying any great expense. The series is also in Amazon Prime so, if you’re a member, you can read for free.

In addition, I’ve also got the FIRST FULL CHAPTER up on the website too, so hop on over and have a read what Dr. Rachel Galliance and her best friend Dendrick are up to.

It’s been a blast to write this second outing aboard the RENOVO (albeit no longer IN space) and I can’t wait to see what you think. In the meantime, I’m diving straight back in to see what Rachel and the crew are up to now.

RENOVO; Grounded – The New Science Fiction Thriller is Almost Here

I’m so ecstatic so announce that the follow-up to RENOVO is almost here. I’ve been busy behind the scenes getting Dr. Rachel Galliance and her crew back on track. The last thing their ship was headed into a downwards spiral towards an alien planet. Now…well, RENOVO Grounded certainly gives you a hint of what’s to come.

The book is currently with my editor, and we’re looking at a mid-April release date. I know, I know – I planned to get it out in March, but you can’t rush these things and it took me a little longer than I’d thought to go through the first draft and do the initial edit.

So, what can you expect? More claustrophobic situations for Rachel, that’s for sure. There’ll probably be some drinking, a few arguments, maybe some romance and so surprising new characters too (not all of them may be human, hint, hint).

For now I’ll leave you with the fabulous cover by Yoly!


A New RENOVO Excerpt

I’m steadily working on the second RENOVO manuscript, scrabbling around in the dirt of an alien planet and trying to get any remaining crew to stay alive. It’s fun. And, you know Dr. Rachel Galliance – she likes to put herself in danger.

I thought I’d reveal a little excerpt from today’s morning session. First draft and all, so don’t judge too heavily. 😉

Yacin took yet another step towards her, decreasing the distance between them. She instinctively shrank back, her heart pounding. She couldn’t get away. She was barely able to walk, let alone run. Rachel tightened her fingers around the stick in preparation to attack. I’ve survived a crash landing and damn well near died from exposure, I’m not about to get murdered without a fight.

The smoke from the fire continued to roll down the corridor with increasing intensity, and she held back the urge to cough as she felt the fumes at her throat.

Don’t take your eyes of him. Not even for a moment.

“What do you want?” Rachel stammered, trying to keep her fear under control but doing a poor job of it. She knew her voice sounded strangled.

“To talk,” Yacin replied.

She didn’t believe him. She’d made that mistake before. She’d trusted him. Because of that, they were marooned on this planet. Because of that, she’d lost Silver.

“There’s nothing to say,” she said, managing a slightly steelier reply.

“There’s everything to say,” he said almost without taking a breath. He stepped forward again and Rachel felt every cell of her being flick into high alert. A thick plume of smoke drifted by. As Yacin finished his sentence he spluttered as the fumes intensified. She realised it might be her only opportunity to strike so she seized it, lifting the cane from the floor, pulling it back behind her head and smashing it towards Yacin with as much strength as she could muster. She hit him squarely across the face, and heard the crack as the metal bar met bone. That horrible sound was still in her memory as she cried for help, knowing that her only hope was for someone to get to her before Yacin was finished.


You know, when I first started out, I thought Rachel and Yacin might have a rosy romance. I guess not.

Now, I better get back to writing – I want to try and complete the manuscript before Christmas!