Zombie short story, Hybrid, is now on Amazon!

In 2015 I was lucky enough to part of The Future Chronicles crew. I had a story in The Alien Chronicles, and then Hybrid was published in The Z Chronicles. I thought it would be fun to do a short prequel to Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within – mainly to detail how the zombie drug first came into being.

Now six months later, it’s on Amazon! You can find it in both the UK and US stores for 99c.

Hybrid - High Resolution



Attempting to cure the diseased is next to impossible, especially when you’re only seventeen. Freya, plunged into a horror-filled world, has the weight of her community’s hopes on her shoulders. Infection is spreading. To survive, she’ll do whatever it takes.





In other news; I’ve just wrapped up the first draft of RENOVO; Ground and have had the first mock for the cover. It’s good – the cover, that is; you can be the judge of the book.🙂

More Companies Cash In on Zombie Craze

Zombies are starting to take over all right, just not in the running-people-down-and-eating-them kind of way that they do in the movies. Instead, today’s zombies are attacking where it really hurts: your wallet.

Companies haven’t hesitated in taking advantage of the zombie trend. While some zombie enthusiasts have been able to pick up some cool new gear as part of this rise in popularity, there are a number of zombie-inspired products that even die-hard fans may find surprising.

Take a look at some of the times you can incorporate these unique zombie products into your daily routine… if you dare.

Snack Time

zombie-jerkyFor those of you who can watch a zombie show and somehow still manage to have an appetite, try indulging in one of the zombie snacks from Harcos Inc the next time your cravings hit. Their zombie line includes “Crusty Zombie Toenails” (a puffed wheat snack), “Little Old Zombie Moles” (dried berries), “Zombie Jerky” (beef jerky), and “Zombie Pea Brains” (wasabi peas), among others.

While zombies aren’t picky about their diet, the living tend to have restrictions or preferences when it comes to food. Not to worry: Kitchen Overlord created a recipe for “Vegan Zombie Jerky, made from pumpkin, cinnamon, and a dab of food coloring.

Happy Hour

zombie vodkaSome companies take years to develop a catchy concept that will get people interested in their project, especially within the highly saturated alcohol industry. So instead of competing with companies that market their products on the idea of celebrating life, Braided Oak Spirits found the undead to be an untapped market.

Case in point: They launched Zombie Apocalypse Vodka in October 2012. While a betting man will say the vodka would taste harsh, bitter, or any other flavor that would leave drinkers dying for a chaser, it’s actually rather smooth, made from soft white winter wheat with hints of vanilla. There may not be anything particularly haunting about the vodka itself, but there are several interesting mixing recipes on the site. Favorites include “Necrophilia” (vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and pineapple juice) and “The Zombie Chill Chaser,” (vodka, apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg).

Plus their commercial is so bad it’s almost good. Given their product, it was likely intentional.

Story Time

What would a zombie fan be without their hundred dollar Zombie Survival Crate? Not only does the package from Man Crates contain a first aid kit, flashlight, SPAM, and a 10″ machete, it also includes the bestselling book Zombie Survival Guide. Lull yourself to sleep at night learning how to properly decapitate the undead.

Also, just in time for the holiday season, Antarctic Press Publishing has released a new addition to the graphic novel series A Very Zombie Christmas. Issues 1-5 take place in a fantasy world where a nuclear accident is responsible for turning the people into decaying denizens. The white winter wonderland is artistically decorated in blood and brain matter to really make the scenery pop, and if you’ve never seen a zombie Santa chowing down on the arm of a victim, now’s your chance.

Bone O’Clock

Experts at Adam and Eve have worked hard to take away the stigma of sex toys. They call them “crucial” to a healthy sex life and are constantly reassuring buyers that enjoying toys is 100% healthy and completely normal. All that being said, a zombie dildo probably isn’t what they had in mind, nor is it helping their crusade to make sex toys appeal to everyone.

According to The Needs, realistic undead dongs were being sold by Walgreens. That’s right, Walgreens—the same place that your grandma gets her heart medicine. The sexual wellness toy has a ragged-looking design to mirror that of the undead with “patented real feel superskin,” as boasted on the product description.

Since news of the product went viral, it has been taken off the site. The reason for the removal, however—be it Walgreens deeming the product inappropriate or hardcore zombie fetishists buying them up—is unknown.

If you’re looking for the line that defines the difference between a zombie enthusiast and zombiephile, that last one definitely crosses it.

The Hopping Dead Blog Hop

I’ve been enjoying a few blog hops in recent months, and have been finding it a great way to get involved with a community of readers and writers. Over at PublishMyself.net they’ve started a new ‘The Hopping Dead Blog Hop‘, so instead of a #SampleSunday post, I’m going to answer the couple of questions asked by this latest Blog Hop.

What makes your own zombie book stand out from others in the genre? In a crowded field, why should a reader give your book a chance?

Pacifier 6, The Shadows Within is a completely new take on the zombie genre. Rather than seeing an outbreak of monsters, we join humankind after the apocalypse has past. People are trying to get on with their lives, and a new drug – Pacifier 6 – has enabled zombies to be pacified and used as a workforce. However, not all of the undead have entirely lost their former consciousness, and some are seeking a way to break out and create a new race.

Why would anybody write a zombie book in the first place?

Any readers of this blog know that I had never intended on writing a zombie novel. I LOVE ‘The Walking Dead’ but I’d never imagined writing in this genre myself. But a story came to me, and I wanted to try something new. So, why did I write this book? Because I wanted to create a fresh take on the zombie genre and explore some formerly passed over aspects.

Add the first paragraph or two from your story as a teaser. If you really don’t want to use the first paragraph, use another one.

It’s not the first paragraph, but one from Chapter 2;

What really plagued Carl was the look on Sheila’s face just before she’d died. He’d never seen the slightest flicker of emotion on her face before, not the hint that she was a shadow. But, in that instant, when she lay on the rubble filled road, covered in seeping bodily fluid, her face sliced with glass, her outstretched arm upon his knee, he hadn’t imagined the plea for help in her eyes, had he? She’d formed the word on her lips, attempted language, a skill that frothers were not capable of. He was so sure. But then she was gone, any consciousness that she may have had splattered in fleshy lumps across his face and chest. He daren’t tell his mother, for those who showed the slightest regard for the undead were ridiculed by society. His mother, standing forthrightly in the street, swathed in her dressing gown with a gun in her hand, would have probably put a bullet through his head too. She still would, Carl thought, if infection took hold. There had been no time to close his eyes or shut his mouth as Sheila’s brains had flown towards his face. But he tried to comfort himself with the fact that Pacifier 6 halted transmission. And, if his mother bore down on him with a hammer to bludgeon his skull in three or four days, then he would know.

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And, if you have a zombie novel, get involved! Write the post, link back to me and I’ll add you to the list!🙂

A Bloody Kind of Lust

Everyone loves a bad boy, right? Or has indulged in unrequited love, or perhaps fallen a little too far for someone completely inappropriate. It’s Valentines Day, and we all know that this day of the year is about sharing time with your partner (or getting drunk if you’re single). But what if you’re love isn’t the average? What you’re in love with a monster? A zombie?

Love between a mortal and a zombie

Love between a mortal and a zombie

Whilst I’m no fan, Twilight has certainly pushed away the boundaries over loving monsters. Tales have been spun throughout the decades of mere mortals falling for deadly and vicious monsters, but Stephanie Meyer really managed to bring monster love back into the spotlight….though Edward Cullen wasn’t quite the vicious vampire that we’re all used to. Perhaps, for that, it’s best to look towards the realm of True Blod and Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels. More recently, Warm Bodies has found a spotlight, with the film adaptation of Isaac Marion’s book showing that love can really cure all. But can it? And, more importantly, should it?

I’ve been grappling with this idea in my latest novella, Pacifier 6, The Shadows Within. Set after a zombie apocalypse, the human race is trying to rebuild society. Zombies decimated our population, but there were those that survived, and with the emergence of a new drug – Pacifier 6 – the remaining zombies have been drugged and farmed into a new workforce. But whilst decomposing, mute and all together nasty looking, is there still a place for love?

I’m not sure that love is the correct word, and it’s more like bloody lust. A zombie is a zombie, even when pacified, and despite that there’s a new creature lurking within, I was torn between all out love and showing just the flickering of an emotional connection. If you read the tale, you’ll discover that it isn’t really a love story, but more of a discovery of feelings. Is Carl attracted to his zombie worker because he likes a bad boy? Because there’s a consciousness deep within? Or is it simply that there aren’t many people left to choose from?

At any length, I’m not sure that love between monsters and mortals should be an easy ride. After all, love between two humans is normally less than smooth. And, if I’m honest, monsters are still monsters whatever the show they put on…they’re supposed to be scary, to creep us out, to put the fear of god into our souls. Love tends to be enduring. Lust, however, it an instant overtaking emotion that gets us into all manner of problems, especially when we’re ogling a monster.

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Pacifier 6 is released!

Pacifier final art 600 pixelsIt’s February 1st, and I met my goal; Pacifier 6 has been published! There was a slight glitch on Amazon, so I spent the night worrying, but when I awoke, there it was, shining out at my from the browser!

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Pacifier 6, it’s just $2.99 and available at Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Smashwords (soon to come to iBooks, B&N and Kobo). I had a blast writing the story, so I hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to read the first chapter to get a taster, then pop over to my website page which has the cover, blurb and entire first chapter excerpt – Sheila’s Escape – to enjoy.

Now it’s back to work for me, I have Inside Evil book three to write!🙂

Cover Reveal for zombie novella, Pacifier 6

As many of you may know, I’ve been working on a new zombie novella for the past couple of months. Well, the manuscript is completed and ready to go, and now the artwork’s here. I’m absolutely thrilled with it, and once again, Keith Draws has done an amazing job! If you’d like to keep abreast with the latest book news, feel free to signup to the newsletter and get books news and publication dates direct to your inbox (infrequently, I promise).

But, for now….I give you Pacifier 6 The Shadows Within

Pacifier final art 600 pixels

The apocalypse has come and gone. A disease, an infection, that blackened the Earth with horror. Then came Pacifier 6; a drug to calm the evil, to dampen the cravings for flesh and bone. Now you go to the store and pick out a zombie as if you were buying a new pet. 

But what happens when you realise that familiar faces still have feelings? 

Karl’s pulling himself back together, attempting to cope with the losses that life has dealt him. Amidst the horror of the past few months, he begins to realise that death isn’t necessarily the end; it can be the start of something new, something that has never been seen before. With everyone around him battling to keep society intact, Karl manages to see beyond the ravaged faces of those he once knew. There’s a new creature in the darkness, a consciousness that most have overlooked, and it’s waiting to reveal itself.

Pacifier 6 – The Shadows Within will launch on Friday 1st February – That’s just TWO days. The novella will cost $2.99 as an ebook, and if you want a little reminder as soon as it’s available, free feel to signup to the newsletter. If you can’t wait, and NEED to read some now, then the first chapter has already been posted to enjoy – HERE.

Thanks for stopping by,

A bloodied and zombified Geoff😀

Finding the soul in a flesh eating zombie

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that NaNoWriMo 2012 threw up an interesting development for my writing. I didn’t know what to write or where to start, but then on Nov 4th or 5th, a zombie story crept into my mind. What if the apocalypse was over? What if scientists had found a drug that whilst not curing ‘zombification’, managed to pacify these flesh eating little buggers? I quickly hammered out a first rough chapter and have continued to write between completing other works, so I’m hoping this novella will be complete in the next week or so.

Meat_Grinder_zombie_(7265759848)One of the biggest problems/intricacies that I’ve found is in bringing the soul back into creatures who’s traditional goal in life is to consume as much living flesh as possible. It is a zombie novel after all, so there needs to be a certain amount of gore. Yet, in this story the zombies have been pacified through drug use, and the drug has an unexpected side effect in some creatures that results in a shadow of their former humanity beginning to shine through. It’s a difficult line – killing machine one minute, friendly soul the next?

I wouldn’t say that any of the zombies in my novel are ‘friendly’. And how much soul and compassion can you really find for someone who’s had their head half torn off, who’s skin has become leathery and dessicated, who you know that as soon as the drugs wear off they’ll be chowing down on your face? That’s the tricky line. Plus, my main protagonist finds himself strangely drawn to one particular zombie. A creature with dark eyes, an attractive figure, a fierce and intense aura about himself. He should be repulsed by the cold flesh, but attracted, so finding the medium between allowing lust to grow whilst not appearing too socially depraved has been interesting….and fun! So far the new novella has been a blast to write about, and a topic I never thought I’d ever cover! I can’t wait to finish and see what happens!

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