WIN a copy of Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within

Halloween is just days away, and what with the new series of The Walking Dead, I’m in a zombie frame of mind once again. For this reason I thought, ‘I know, I’ll give some copies of Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within‘ away. How would you put your life back together after an outbreak? That’s what Carl and his mother are trying to do in London  – all with the help of a little drug called Pacifier 6.

Pacifier final art KB (200)The apocalypse has come and gone. A disease, an infection, that blackened the Earth with horror. Then came Pacifier 6; a drug to calm the evil, to dampen the cravings for flesh and bone. Now you go to the store and pick out a zombie as if you were buying a new pet.

But what happens when you realise that familiar faces still have feelings?

Carl’s pulling himself back together, attempting to cope with the losses that life has dealt him. Amidst the horror of the past few months, he begins to realise that death isn’t necessarily the end; it can be the start of something new, something that has never been seen before. With everyone around him battling to keep society intact, Carl manages to see beyond the ravaged faces of those he once knew. There’s a new creature in the darkness, a consciousness that most have overlooked, and it’s waiting to reveal itself.

You can find a sample of Pacifier 6 on this website (just click the relevant link in the sidebar). Enter the giveaway by clicking the link below or, if you can’t wait, the novella’s just 99c on Amazon.

Click here to enter the Giveaway

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