WIN a copy of Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within

Halloween is just days away, and what with the new series of The Walking Dead, I’m in a zombie frame of mind once again. For this reason I thought, ‘I know, I’ll give some copies of Pacifier 6; The Shadows Within‘ away. How would you put your life back together after an outbreak? That’s what Carl and his mother are trying to do in London  – all with the help of a little drug called Pacifier 6.

Pacifier final art KB (200)The apocalypse has come and gone. A disease, an infection, that blackened the Earth with horror. Then came Pacifier 6; a drug to calm the evil, to dampen the cravings for flesh and bone. Now you go to the store and pick out a zombie as if you were buying a new pet.

But what happens when you realise that familiar faces still have feelings?

Carl’s pulling himself back together, attempting to cope with the losses that life has dealt him. Amidst the horror of the past few months, he begins to realise that death isn’t necessarily the end; it can be the start of something new, something that has never been seen before. With everyone around him battling to keep society intact, Carl manages to see beyond the ravaged faces of those he once knew. There’s a new creature in the darkness, a consciousness that most have overlooked, and it’s waiting to reveal itself.

You can find a sample of Pacifier 6 on this website (just click the relevant link in the sidebar). Enter the giveaway by clicking the link below or, if you can’t wait, the novella’s just 99c on Amazon.

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Halloween zombie ebook sale

Zombie Promo FB

I love a good zombie read, and with The Walking Dead back on our screens and Halloween on the way, what better time than to bag a bargain! I’m currently running a little offer, and you can get FOUR zombie ebooks for under $3.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????1. Sometimes We Ran

First up, this novel by Stephen Drivick follows two zombie apocalypse survivors who meet randomly and form a strong bond which helps them survive. For the duration of the promo, Sometimes we ran can be bought on Amazon for just $0.99 or, in the UK, 77p.


Pacifier final art 600 pixels2. Pacifier 6, The Shadows Within

Meanwhile, Pacifier 6, The Shadows Within is slashed from $2.99 to just 99p/cents. After the zombie apocalypse has happened, the human race is trying to create a new world. But with rogue zombies still on the loose and a new creature in the darkness, society is in greater danger than ever. |


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78969a299167c67ab68248f7c1c4c064ddbdd502Twisted Souls cover3. The Soul Ripper, Twisted Souls (Twisted Souls series 1 AND 2)

Finally, Cege Smith has very kindly included two thirds of her Twister Souls series in the offer. With the first book FREE and the second slashed from $2.99 to just 99p/cents, you get to enjoy this fantastic new angle on the zombie genre.


Twisted Souls series at Smashwords

Download The Soul Ripper for FREE and use the GG95M discount code for Twisted Souls

You can also get The Soul Ripper for FREE at |

So there you go. FOUR zombie books for less than $3, and just in time for Halloween. 😀

Finding the soul in a flesh eating zombie

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that NaNoWriMo 2012 threw up an interesting development for my writing. I didn’t know what to write or where to start, but then on Nov 4th or 5th, a zombie story crept into my mind. What if the apocalypse was over? What if scientists had found a drug that whilst not curing ‘zombification’, managed to pacify these flesh eating little buggers? I quickly hammered out a first rough chapter and have continued to write between completing other works, so I’m hoping this novella will be complete in the next week or so.

Meat_Grinder_zombie_(7265759848)One of the biggest problems/intricacies that I’ve found is in bringing the soul back into creatures who’s traditional goal in life is to consume as much living flesh as possible. It is a zombie novel after all, so there needs to be a certain amount of gore. Yet, in this story the zombies have been pacified through drug use, and the drug has an unexpected side effect in some creatures that results in a shadow of their former humanity beginning to shine through. It’s a difficult line – killing machine one minute, friendly soul the next?

I wouldn’t say that any of the zombies in my novel are ‘friendly’. And how much soul and compassion can you really find for someone who’s had their head half torn off, who’s skin has become leathery and dessicated, who you know that as soon as the drugs wear off they’ll be chowing down on your face? That’s the tricky line. Plus, my main protagonist finds himself strangely drawn to one particular zombie. A creature with dark eyes, an attractive figure, a fierce and intense aura about himself. He should be repulsed by the cold flesh, but attracted, so finding the medium between allowing lust to grow whilst not appearing too socially depraved has been interesting….and fun! So far the new novella has been a blast to write about, and a topic I never thought I’d ever cover! I can’t wait to finish and see what happens!

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Get to know the author – Sara Shrieves

Last week we heard from Irish author Ken Magee, and discovered that his Dark Tiding’s hero, Tung, was probably the most inept thief you’d ever come across. This week we hear from Sara Shrieves, a Californian movie addict who pulls her inspiration from Joss Whedon to Anne Rice.


Tell us about yourself? Do you write for a living? If not, what’s your day job?

I am currently living in Orange County, CA with my husband, step daughter and our close friend/roommate James.  We’re all movie freaks and we all get along really well.  I am the only reader in the house, so I have claim over any space that can hold a bookshelf.  Unfortunately I don’t get to write for a living right now.  I do write often, and I sneak in moments at work (usually on my breaks).  I currently work for the County of Orange.  Not too much excitement but it pays the bills!

Favourite food, place, colour and writing zone, please.

My all-time favorite food is Chinese, hands down.  I grew up in northern CA, and we lived in San Francisco right down the street from China Town, so I had access to some of the best you can get in the country, I’d say.  It was also my first solid food!  My favorite color (big shocker for those who know me) is black, and orange when the mood strikes.  I don’t actually have a designated writing zone, sad to say.  I write everything longhand, so I kind of just curl up anywhere and get to it when something pops into my head.

You write in the fantasy/supernatural genre….who’s been your inspiration?Favourite books? Movies? TV Shows?

Well as far as authors, Stephen King is one of my all-time favorites.  I actually have a symbol from the fifth book of his Dark Tower series tattooed on my right wrist.  So yeah, I’m obsessed.  I also love Anne Rice, Peter Straub and Christopher Pike (his vampire series is still one of my favorites).  These are not all of my favorite authors, but just some who help inspire my writing.  I grew up reading Christopher Pike so as far as YA, he was a big influence.

Some of my favorite books are (big surprise) The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The Talisman, also by Stephen King, the Earth’s Children (Clan of the Cave Bear) series by Jean M. Auel, Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow by Orson Scott Card, as well as his Alvin Maker series, The Martian Chronicles and Something Wicked this Way Comes by Ray Bradbury and also Cate Tiernan’s Sweep series.  I could go on and on with this!

As for movies there are just way too many to list, so I will sum it up with Shawshank Redemption for drama, Mission to Mars and Contact are two of my favorite sci-fi movies, Grandma’s Boy, Kung Pow and Hot Rod are some of my favorite comedies, and for action I love True Lies, all of the Die Hards and the Alien movies (although Alien falls under sci-fi as well).  For TV shows I would say anything Joss Whedon has done.  I absolutely love Firefly and of course Serenity.  Buffy is still one of my favorites as well.  I just love the way he writes/directs his characters.  They are all so different and odd, but they match up as a group perfectly.  That’s what made me so excited for the Avengers movie!

Who’s your favourite all time fictional character?

This is incredibly hard to choose.  I always end up falling for the underdog or the quirky ones, so it probably wouldn’t even be anyone people knew.  One I can say right away is Tom Cullen from The Stand.  Alvin Maker from that series by Orson Scott Card was really awesome too.  I do also love the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  She is a great main character.  Oh, also Aurora Teagarden from another one of Charlaine Harris’ series.  For villains I would have to say Randall Flagg from The Stand as well.  And his many other roles in Stephen King’s books.

Who’s your favourite character in your own work?

Definitely Bruce!  He can say anything he wants.  He’s sort of my outlet, I guess.  He is a mixture of a few people I know, so he is very important to me.

Let’s talk superpowers….there’s no denying we’d all love one. What would be your choice, and why?

Oh wow, my husband and I were just discussing this not too long ago.  This has long been a topic of discussion since I was a kid.  I almost always pick flight first, because I just think it would be amazing.  Plus you can get yourself away from any immediate danger at any time.  But then I think about intelligence, and being some sort of super genius.  I just think that would be amazing as well.  Like Beast in the X-Men.  He’s this savage-looking creature but he’s so incredibly smart, or even the Hulk.  He may be a big green monster when he’s angry, but he’s also a gifted physicist.  I just think there would be so much you could do with that.  Learn anything, do any type of work.  Maybe it’s boring, but intelligence stands out to me!

Inspiration’s a funny thing. Where do you find yours? Is there one particular moment that stands out?

I constantly get inspiration from my family.  Especially my husband and step daughter.  Audrey is loosely based on my step daughter, but she insists that personality-wise she’s exactly like me.  Of course she’s coming from my head, so I can’t argue it too much.  But I think I take ideas from everything around me.  From overheard conversations, to complaints from my step daughter about her school friends.  As well as my husband and his co-workers.  There are some pretty insane people at his office, ha ha.  Also past experiences!

Writers have very different approaches to completing our works. Are you a heavy plotter? Jump back and forth between scenes? Sit down, start at the beginning and just write?

I’m definitely one of the “sit down, start at the beginning and just write” types.  I can’t jump back and forth, it throws me off.  I usually write out a loose outline and plot out how I want things to go, but it doesn’t always turn out that way.  The story will take on a mind of its own and I just tend to go with it.

What’s fresh about your books? Quirky and different? Likely to entice readers and keep them coming back for more?

Well with Who is Audrey Wickersham? it takes the zombie genre and does something completely different.  Plus it’s humorous and has a lot of gore, which I loved writing.  The second one in the series (which I’m working on right now) will also be gory, but have a completely different plot line from the first book.  I don’t want each book to be the same type of thing.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on the second book in the Audrey series, and also a non-YA book loosely based on my work environment.  Sort of an office humor book I guess.  I also have one other YA sci-fi/fantasy book that I have written a little of, which I will get to when I’m done with the next Audrey book!

How can readers connect with you?

My Facebook is under my name, Sara Shrieves, and my Twitter account is as well., @sarashrieves.  I can also be found on, under my name!  I also have two and