Get to know the author – Michael Brookes

I don’t know about you, but I’m quit enjoying these Get to know the author Tuesdays. Last week, L.E. Fitzpatrick gave us an interesting look into her life and the writers who inspire her. This week it’s the turn of Michael Brookes, game developer, avid reader and the writer behind The Cult of Me and An Odd Quartet.


Tell us about yourself? Do you write for a living? If not, what’s your day job? 

Unfortunately I’m not yet writing for a living, that is the goal for some day in the future. In the meantime I spend my days as a Producer at a video game developer. Games are one of my other passions, besides writing so doing what I love day and night isn’t too bad, but can get a little tiring 🙂

Favourite food, place, colour and writing zone, please.

Favourite food is a Sunday Roast. Place would have to be Germany, the Schwarzwald if I need to be more specific. My favourite colour is blue – I’ve no idea why. And writing zone is my huge comft leather recliner in my front room.

You write in the fantasy/supernatural genre….who’s been your inspiration? Favourite books? Movies? TV Shows?

In the horror genre Clive Barker has been a big inspiration, along with James Herbert and Stephen King of course. I also draw influences from othergenres like Ian M Banks – probably my favourite author. Movies include The Hitcher (original version) and Hellraiser (Clive Barker again). TV shows is Millenium and Twin Peaks – classic shows that mix the weird and the darkness well.

Who’s your favourite all time fictional character?

That is a tricky question. I focus more on story than character. If I have to pick one then I’ll go for Lucifer/Satan in Paradise Lost.

Who’s your favourite character in your own work?

Friar Francis from The Cult of Me – he is a good mixture of physical, spritual and mental.

Let’s talk superpowers….there’s no denying we’d all love one. What would be your choice, and why?

This might seem an odd choice, but I’d like to be able to speak and comprehend and language.

Inspiration’s a funny thing. Where do you find yours? Is there one particular moment that stands out?

Driving seems provide most of my moments for inspiration. Usually while I’m driving to work. It’s also a good time to unravel plot knots.

Writers have very different approaches to completing our works. Are you a heavy plotter? Jump back and forth between scenes? Sit down, start at the beginning and just write?

I’m very much a planner. I will plan out the chapters in detail before I start writing. Although as any good general knows the plan changes almost immediately – I do try to maintain the plan at least until I have completed the first draft so I can use it as reference.

 What’s fresh about your books? Quirky and different? Likely to entice readers and keep them coming back for more?

I try to bring something new to horror stories, whether that be perspective or the situation. I do enjoy mixing the supernatural with the modern. And I love a twist.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on Conversations in the Abyss, the sequel to The Cult of Me.

How can readers connect with you? (Facebook/Twitter etc).

You can follow me on Twitter. I also have a blog.

Michael’s books are available from Amazon, and you can learn more about An Odd Quartet and The Cult of Me by following the hyperlinks.

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