Get to know the author – Grant Turner

It can be hard to find new and interesting reads that aren’t mainstream in the fantasy and  supernatural genres. I’m not saying that mainstream fiction isn’t incredible – some books really are. But, there are some really awesome paranormal and fantasy novels out there too waiting to be discovered.

In ‘Get to know the author’ I’m featuring some indie author’s whose work you might like to check out. First up is Grant Turner, Manchester resident and author of Heavens Door.


Tell us a little about yourself, Grant? Do you write for a living? If not, what’s your day job?

I like to consider that writing is my day job at the moment, I was a student at Manchester Metropolitan University studying Crime and Sociology; but with the economy there was no career prospects in the field of crime for me and as for sociology there was never  any career aspects. So currently I am looking for full time employment, hopefully writing can be that thing to fill the void!

Favourite food, place, colour and writing zone, please

My favourite food I am a fan of a quick meal so pasta would be my first choice, I am a little unconventional with it though butter and salt with my pasta please! My favourite place would have to be my bedroom – and not for any smutty reason, it is just my little bubble where everything is always good. For that reason my bedroom is also my writing zone, the rest of the house is too cluttered with people and noise.

You write in the supernatural  genre….who’s been your inspiration? Favourite books? Movies? TV Shows?

I LOVE SUPERNATURAL! Like so much, I have been interested in it for years, even before I began reading. Just the idea of seeing something not of this world is like a rush to me and to be honest I have had my fair share of paranormal experiences. Books and films though, I would have to say James Herbert was my key inspiration for writing, ever since reading Moon I just thought I want to do that too. Favourite supernatural film; that would have been sixth sense if it hadn’t have been ruined for me! One that always springs to mind though is The Others, I loved how that played out, goosebumps the full lot after that film.

Who’s your favourite all time fictional character?

Mort – as simple as that Terry Pratchett wrote him so well and in a way I see myself in Mort; tall, gangly and somewhat clumsy. I just think his character development from awkward teenager to omnipotent Death was superb. Well done Pratchett!

Who’s your favourite character in your own work?

In my own work I would have to say the character in my upcoming novel “Red Winter” – Eric Connelly. He is disturbed, obsessive and violent, but all in good cause. History always shapes a man.

Let’s talk superpowers….there’s no denying we’d all love one. What would be your choice, and why?

In a way I would already say I am invisible – but that’s my own choice I love to be alone. Super-powers though, I think telepathy would be amazing, not only to find out what people are thinking but also how to judge people properly and be able to see who would have the ability to be troublesome in some way. That way I could avoid their hassle.

Inspiration’s a funny thing. Where do you find yours? Is there one particular moment that stands out?

That is a tricky one, sometimes I could be watching a movie and I think – “what could I do with something like this, the premise is there but how could I make it my own?” Other times and more often than not it is a specific dream that I have had that will spark the writer in me and push me to write said story. For example in “Heavens Door” there is a scene where the main character is drifting off to sleep and he experiences something bizarre, that in itself was a dream I had. Left me feeling a little scared I must admit!

Writers have very different approaches to completing our works. Are you a heavy plotter? Jump back and forth between scenes? Sit down, start at the beginning and just write?

I know that I should plot, as to allow me time for more writing but I am definitely a freestyler; when it comes to my head it goes down onto paper, in very rare circumstances do I plot. It only happens if I find I have written myself into a rut or something like that.

What’s fresh about your books? Quirky and different? Likely to entice readers and keep them coming back for more?

I would say that with some of my writing I have taken horror and its description back to its gritty ways, I am not afraid to go into detail about blood and guts, in fact it’s the bit I love writing most! But I think my twists and sometimes multiple twists keep the reader turning pages and wanting more.

What are you working on now?

Currently I am working two projects – a re-write of my first novel “Red Winter” a supernatural thriller with many twists and turns, with a lovely cliff hanger and “The Darkest Hour” a compilation of short stories intended for Halloween. These stories are a mix of real life terrors and the paranormal so there is a little bit of something there for everyone.

How can readers connect with you?

Readers can interact with me on Twitter, as well as my Goodreads page where you can ask me questions and interact with me via the Authors blog.

Heavens Door is available at and

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