Inside Evil paperbacks are here!

As you’ll know from my ‘Making paperbacks with Createspace‘ blog, I’ve delved into realms that I never thought I would as an author. The digital age has really opened up the world of publishing, and I thought I would be happy having my books online as ebooks. That was, until I held the beautiful crisp paper and stunning covers in my hands and put my own works on the study shelves.

It’s taken a while to get the proofing correct and for CreateSpace to accurately link the Kindle versions with the paperback copies. This is largely due to an author name discrepancy that I talked about here. BUT, the good news is that you can now buy both Inside Evil and The Tower of Souls as books that you can actually hold in your hands!

Of course, paperbacks are more expensive than ebooks, and both my novels aren’t any different, making buying a digital version far cheaper. Also, I’m fairly sure there are large shipping fees and delivery periods for those buying in the UK. So, if anyone in the UK does want a version, I’ll be selling Inside Evil and The Tower of Souls at £6.74 and £8.99 respectively from my own batch. Just holla if you want one.

It is a glorious thing to hold an actual paperback in my hands though, and even though its probably very self serving, I’m glad that I decided to delve beyond the simple ebook niche.

5 thoughts on “Inside Evil paperbacks are here!

  1. Wendy Unsworth -Author of The palaver Tree

    Hi Geoff – and congratulations! I too am so glad that I took this additional route – you are right, a shiny copy on your bookshelf is quite something and even in this digital age it is a good moment, as an author, when your book finally arrives!
    On pricing/delivery – The Palaver Tree is around 370 pages long and the cheapest I can sell at is £7.99 (though Amazon have kindly discounted the price to £7.19 at the moment with no loss of my royalty) Of the copies I have sold so far, a friend ordered direct from Amazon on Super Saver free delivery (Europe – she lives in Edinburgh) and recieved the book within days.
    Although we Indies have no choice but to sell at the high end of pricing for paperback Amazon are now providing a great service in delivery for us folks here in Europe and, as far as I can tell making us equal with mainstream publishers in that respect.

    • geoffwakeling

      That is seriously good to know. I thought friends would have to order and then wait weeks for copies and pay extortionate fees. Do you know if it’s the same for us to buy wholesale? With the proof I had to pay $15 to get it within 14 days!

      • Wendy Unsworth -Author of The palaver Tree

        I also paid a huge amount to get my proof copy because they come from the USA and I couldn’t wait so paid extra for quick delivery! As far as I know, now that Amazon have opened their European ‘branch’ Createspace books are delivered in just the same way as any other. My friend definitely got hers within a few days and had free delivery which is important when you are already paying £7+ As for wholesale copies – I don’t know. It would depend on where they come from and I don’t know about that. Would be interested to know if you find out.

      • geoffwakeling

        Well, that’s great to know….I was worried that anyone in the UK would be paying excessive amounts. If I order any wholesale – which I probably will at some point – I’ll let you know how the costings work out. 🙂

  2. Wendy Unsworth -Author of The palaver Tree

    Up to a few months ago that was the case so this has been a great step forward for us folk this side of the pond!

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