A novel update

Today, about five hours ago, I wrote and edited the final chapter of my new novel. Since then, I’ve spent many frustrating hours trying to get .mobi conversions to work so that my editor and proofer can read, enjoy and work at the same time. I ended up having to strip out ALL formatting and start from scratch….still, it’s a cleaner ebook now that the step has been taken.

I’m still not entirely sure of the title, but it’s tentatively called ‘CRYO; Rise of the Immortals‘. I have no cover, have done no marketing, have only just revealed a possible name, BUT at least it is done. I’m heading for a mid Nov – early Dec release to provide time for the multitude of work that has to be done between completing a manuscript and actually publishing it. Now, the work starts really starts, and first on the menu is some blurb. I tentatively (that seems to be the word of the day) put together some ideas for blurb, but it’ll obviously need refinement/embellishment.

There are some dreams that never come true, but John Carlody’s just won a ticket to a privately funded cryogenics program and is on a one way ticket to the future. He’s about to escape from a dying world to a place where the troubles of the past have been cured and forgotten, where he can finally find contentment, where, if the worst occurs, he might lay happily and blissfully unaware in stasis forever.

But, leaving loved ones behind isn’t as easy as John originally thought, and lost feelings begin to reawaken. There are many who are determined to see him fail, to see his dream shattered. And, even if John does pass CRYO’s tests and he makes the program, is Earth’s future as bright as he’s hoping for?’

I always feel a beautiful sense of freedom when I tap out those final words of a piece. There’s a natural conclusion to the writing process even if, like CRYO; Rise of the Immortals is, the novel is the start of a series. However, there’s no relaxing or quietening the sounds of keyboard tapping in my house, as I am now headed back to the Inside Evil series, to book three, and to the plight of Ridgewood’s most loveable residents.

3 thoughts on “A novel update

  1. Paige Nolley

    Good on you with the finishing! I’ve finally perfected mobi conversions. Got tired of the formatting looking ridiculous on my Kindle while trying to edit. If you need a hand, shoot me an email. Info’s on my blog. 🙂

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