10 images ideal for inspiring fantasy writing

When it comes to writing, I’m pretty much a sit down at my computer and see what happens kinda guy. There’s that first flash of inspiration, whether this is a story idea or a character outline, and then I’m off. I rarely see an image and instantly conjure up a fantastical storyline. However, I do find that images subconsciously work their way into my brain and offer a very subtle inspiration which comes out as I write.

Pinterest is great for pulling together a collage of images and inspiration to help you write. Here are my top ten images, so far, that have helped create the fantasy books of the Inside Evil series.

1. Inside Evil is set in a tiny town, Ridgewood, that lies on the border of England and Scotland. The town itself is circled in pine forests; a beautiful place by day, and a frightening and foreboding setting at night.


2. By day, Ridgewood forest quells the fears of many residents. However, as darkness falls and the 10 yearly cycle of the Ammokra begins, strange happenings occur between the trees. With ethereal light and the wolf howling, this picture is ideal for the crossover period between Ridgewood and Gathin.


3. Sometimes it only takes a single object to easily define a character. Despite living in the back and beyond, Martha is always immaculate. Her hair is always curled, her clothes always perfect, and there’s almost always a set of pearls in her ears.


4. Martha also has a stunning knack for keeping up appearances. Whilst Susan begins to unravel due to the death of her daughter, and Roberta is hounded by a curse which threatens to kill her, Martha still finds time to dress her porch for Christmas.

Source: google.com via Geoffrey on Pinterest


5. Karl Frans left Ridgewood a decade ago as he sought answers to why his best friend had died. The cottage that had been his haven was sold, but Karl has the realisation that he might have left a crucial piece of evidence in his old beloved home.

Source: xaxor.com via Geoffrey on Pinterest


6. The Tower of Souls sees Roberta fall into the world of Gathin and immediately be in mortal danger. Was there anything more evil than the curse itself? Luguolo, head of Gathin’s giant wolf pack, might just be more dangerous. 

Source: fanpop.com via Geoffrey on Pinterest



7. Mirrors are an essential tool for the Gatekeepers, who use them to communicate with each other and come to the aid of those in peril. Mrs Peacock has an ancient mirror that she has used to ward off evils for decades. And, with a little help from some unusual individuals, there’s even the chance of stepping through a mirror into the Middlelands.


8. Ridgewood is an ancient town, and much of it’s medieval character remains. This photo below  helped me visualise the streets and alleyways that become the backdrop to the Inside Evil story.

Source: google.com via Geoffrey on Pinterest


9. Gathin’s Crossover Festival is a time to celebrate and rejoice the success of dominating victims from Earth. At this time, the people of Gathin let their guards, and hair down. These bone earrings are exactly the sort of fashion that residents would wear.

Source: etsy.com via Geoffrey on Pinterest


10. The story of Inside Evil takes place as the November weather rolls in, bringing perishing winds and snowy skies. A forest laden in a crystal white sheen is the ideal inspiration for that beautiful yet dangerous landscape.

5 thoughts on “10 images ideal for inspiring fantasy writing

  1. mrj6

    Geoff, I had no idea about the usefulness of Pinterest for this sort of thing. I would love to find images on Pinterest for both my In-Betweens series and especially the Hearth series, which I am currently having a hard time visualizing. How do I go about browsing and pulling off images from Pinterest?

    On another note, I am just getting “back in the game”, so to speak. Has Tower of Souls been released already? Thanks!

    • geoffwakeling

      Hi Matt, and welcome back 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better.

      I agree, Pinterest is a great tool. If you click on any image on the website to enlarge it, you’re given embed tools to the right hand side. I just used these to paste them into this post! Makes a nice little blog, and it’s a great way of pulling images together! 😀

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