CRYO: A Changed World is HERE

A changed world 600pxApril 13th! That means ONE thing – in my world, anyway – CRYO: A Changed World is published!! It’s now live on Smashwords and Amazon, already have a FIVE STAR review from one ARC reader, and I’m currently hosting the release party over on Facebook. If you’d like to join us, head over HERE.

If you’re just looking to grab the book, then here are the links:


Hopefully it’ll quickly be up on iTunes, B&N and Kobo too (and finally, when I get my act in gear, it’ll be on GooglePlay).

6 thoughts on “CRYO: A Changed World is HERE

  1. joylennick

    More to my son Jason’s taste but I LOVED the cover of your book!
    I do write murder and mystery stories (short), factual books and am more ‘middle of the road and humorous’ but not really into aliens etc., Food for thought… Horses for courses eh?! Good luck with your book.

    • geoffwakeling

      Thanks so much. 😀 I love it too…I think the artist did a great job. Hope your books are doing well too. We all have to like something a little different so as to fill up those genres with new content! 😀

      • joylennick

        Thanks for that. I have written plenty…but synopsis and ‘pitch’ are always more difficult than writing a novel (well almost!)…How to encapsulate?!

      • joylennick

        Hope I’m not repeating myself (boring…) but my memoir MY GENTLE WAR went to No.1 on Amazon Kindle a few weeks ago, in the historical memoir category. Publisher ill; awaiting faction novel THE CATALYST to see the light of day. What are you on now?

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