Create a book hamper as a Christmas gift

We all like getting books, right? When we’re not accidently bankrupting ourselves with Amazon’s ‘One Click’, we’re craving new books for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and just about any other special occasion we can think of. But, whenever I’m asked to buy a book for someone, no matter how much they want it, I always feel like it’s a bit boring, a bit of a dull gift. Plus, with eBooks the rising star on the block, although Amazon have that lovely gifting option, having nothing under the Christmas tree is rather depressing!

Give a book hamper as a Christmas giftSo, if you’re giving books as Christmas gifts, why not create a themed hamper? I’ve used my Inside Evil series as an example. It’s a spooky paranormal murder mystery set in the depths of winter in a remote and isolated town. The ideal cozy read when you’re wrapped up warm and well away from the scene that the books are setting out. I could just give my friends copies of the books for Christmas (OK, not all of them, but some have actually asked), but isn’t it nicer to create a themed parcel for everyone? So, what about giving your loved one’s favourite chocolate, a cappuccino or hot chocolate mix and a mug, along with the books?

You don’t only have to give food, of course, and if the books your gifting are really spine-tinglers, what about a throw, shawl or rug to curl up in. Go a little Valentines Day mad two months early if you’re giving romance books, and fill your hamper with heart shaped chocolates, smelly bath salts and a miniature bottle of Prosecco or champagne. Christmas theme it up with brandy snaps, a tree decoration or two and some fingerless mittens so those books can be read even when your loved one’s out and about. What about cheese, a miniature bottle of wine or port and some roasted chestnuts along with a good detective novel?

Gifting books is a really great way to provide a present that will keep on giving. But this year, why not do something different, a little more special? Give a book, but create a personalised and themed hamper for a present to will really be remembered.

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