The Tower of Souls Update

The past week has been spent plunged into my fictional realm in a bid to complete the first draft for The Tower of Souls. Though it took me years to finish Inside Evil, it’s taken me a few mere moths to get back into writing. The last few days especially has found me hard at the grind stone, and anyone who is a regular at the Kindleboards ‘Thousand Words a Day’ thread will have seen that I’ve been managing several thousand words per day.

I can happily say that tonight I finished the first draft of The Tower of Souls! I’m so overjoyed that I’ve finished. It came to circa 70k, so after editing, where I normally end up actually adding words, it’ll probably be in the mid 70s. The race is now on for a proof read and first edit, before it goes off to a second pair of eyes for the first read through!

On track for an end of August release, WOOHOO! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Tower of Souls Update

  1. Wendy Unsworth

    Good going Geoff, hope the editing phase goes well. I really do think the completion of a first novel teaches you a lot about keeping up the momentum with the second and not taking several years again to complete! I am trying to not let history repeat itself with my own writing!

    • geoffwakeling

      I know! Humming along with a novel on hard drive that isn’t going anywhere doesn’t really spur us on. Hitting the publish button suddenly makes writing another book FAR more exciting!!

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