Book Review: The Emporer’s Edge

Book: The Emperor’s edge
Author: Lindsay Buroker
Available at: Amazon – FREE

Lindsay Buroker’s plan to get readers of her wonderful writing blog to give her books a look continues to work, especially because the first of the series is completely FREE. It’s part of a marketing ploy that works because Lindsay has another four titles in this series, and once you’re sucked into her steampunk world, you’ll be hard put to not to rush onto the next book within minutes. The Emperor’s Edge was my first meander into the world of steampunk and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I mean, what IS steampunk? Well, it’s an world without electricity and, if Lindsay’s books are anything to go by, it’s a place where emotional and physical turmoil are only moments away.

The Emperor’s Edge follows enforcer Aramanthe as she become caught up in a plot to assassinate Sespian; a young emperor who has become a mere pawn in the military’s bid to control Turgonia. Aramanthe is a strong heroine who finds herself caught in a difficult situation, her life’s wishes falling away before her eyes, and everything that she’s worked so hard to obtain being lost. She turns to assassin Sicarious for help, and pulls an unlikely team together consisting of a professor, Books, a male escort, Maldynado, and a mental sciences (magic) believer, Askyr. Thus, they take on a battle to save the emperor’s life, but as is always the case in a good read, nothing is ever quite that simple.

For my first plunge into the world of steampunk, The Emperor’s Edge was the ideal book. Lindsay does just enough world building to give readers the setting and concepts of the world without overdoing it. Her real skill is in writing conversations, and though descriptive are to be found, Lindsay relies on the people to set the pace, with all of the characters brought vividly to life as they try to become friends and comrades. This is a book that will throw up a few U-turns when you’re reading, ensuring that you’re never quite where the storyline may head. It keeps you guessing. It makes you laugh, even when the situation seems quite grave. And, it shows that even heroes and heroines are fallible and don’t always do the best thing for their cause.

Emperor’s Edge is a great read, and I’m looking forward to finding out what’s next for Aramanthe and her motley crew. Even better, if you’ve already spent your ebook budget for the month, it’s free 😉

Download at Amazon.

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