RENOVO: Symbiosis is AWAY

renovo_symbiosis_finalYes, I am thrilled to report that the first draft for RENOVO: Symbiosis has now been given a once over and has been sent off to the editor. That means, with clear days and a spot of luck, it should be ready for publication in the second week of February!

Now it’s time for the scary part…waiting. I always feel like this with sequels. If the first in a series flops and burns, it’s not exactly disasterous. I mean, you wrote, you tried, you didn’t conquer. BUT, when you write sequels to a book that both you and your readers love; that’s scary. What if they don’t like the story? What if there are questions about my character development? Maybe I didn’t answer enough questions. And…the worst…what if it’s BORING?!

So yes, as I said, now it’s the scary part.

However, I’m doing my best to avoid that by focussing all my writing power into The Gathin Chronicles. I’m about 30,000 words in which means there’s only 20,000 to go! SO, actually, if I can get to it, I should be able to wrap the first draft for this book up by the end of next week. My schedule is on track so far; one thing to be pleased about.

There’s already been a small change in that it’s no longer called The Forgotten Lands. I had an ‘aha‘ moment the other day whilst writing, and as a major piece of Gathin mythology fell into place, I also found a much better name for the book, though I’m not quite ready to reveal it <- in case it changes again!

So for now, keep your fingers crossed; Symbiosis is a-coming.

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