Fans in Fiction

I’m extremely close to finishing RENOVO; Symbiosis. The artwork has been commissioned as you might have guessed from the teaser header, and the editor is on standby. In fact, I actually hope to round everything off this weekend. Then I’ll need to go back through the manuscript, tidy up some plot holes, make a few character adjustments which I’ve noted along the way and then it’ll be zipped off for a professional glance <- yes, I CANNOT self-edit and man, have I tried. If you were some of the first to read Inside Evil, you’ll have definitely realised that I CANNOT self-edit!

One thing that has been really fun in writing this third installment is the inclusion of a few fan names. I threw out a call on Facebook a couple of months ago and said

‘Hey guys. You want your name in RENOVO?’

Luckily I had a few takers. The RENOVO crew, as it stands, numbers just over 70. We have our main cast; strong-willed leader Jax, the ever grumpy Ballard, engineering twins Gopher and Pret, as well as lead Dr. Rachel Galliance, love-interest Yacin and a few others. But that leaves A LOT of cast. I have around 40 names jotted down in a notebook but the other 30? No idea.

Getting to know these new characters, complete with a few fan names thrown in, has been great fun. I hope those of you who put your name down enjoy seeing your namesakes in RENOVO. I DID warn you might not make it; after all, this is an alien planet the crew are trying to survive on.

No spoilers BUT there are some more cast to name so I’m certainly put another call out in a few weeks when I begin on the fourth RENOVO book. Until then, I must wrap up the latest episode and ensure Rachel survives until the end <- you know, because she’s always trying to kill herself.

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