Join Me on Wattpad for A New Fantasy Tale

Soooo, I’ve decided to write a new fantasy novel. Perhaps I’ve been watching too much Marco Polo, or been overloaded with the audio Game of Thrones books on the commute, but something inside has stirred and I’ve a lust for writing about fantasy creatures, knights, castles and magic. Luckily, there just happens to be a little world I created several series ago…you know, that parallel place that Inside Evil’s Roberta Arlington ends up. šŸ˜‰

Forgotton Lands - High Resolution

With that in mind, I’ve begun the first few words of ‘The Forgotten Lands’. Set several centuries AFTER Inside Evil, and wholly in Gathin, we follow Lyllia’s tale as she journey’s in the lands above the North Realm in search of mystical beasts and fabled folk. She’ll be hunting down trolls, uncovering mysteries and discovering just what those terrifying shadow stalkers are. And…I’m doing it all on Wattpad!

This is likely to be a slow burn because I’m still writing the next RENOVO book as well as getting on with, well, every life. But the nice thing about Wattpad is that I can upload new words once I’m done and get instant feedback. I’ll complete the tale on the platform, taking comments and suggestions from you guys the whole way. When it’s complete I’ll no doubt have to unpublish the manuscript if I want to sell it on Amazon etc, but it’s a nice little project.

There are a couple of ‘parts’ already uploaded, so go take a look!

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