Get Free Science Fiction and Fantasy Books with My ARC List


Earlier this year I began an ARC list. What’s one of those? Well, it’s a limited availability list that gives you access to my books for FREE!

Many authors run these lists solely to get some early reviews when they release a new book, but I like to do things a little differently. To that end, you can read any of my books at any time as long as you’re happy to post a review afterwards. Yes – you can read my entire backlist for free if you so wish!

Reviews are vital to authors. Not only do they allow me to apply for rare advertising slots with blogs and newsletters that require a minimum number of reviews, but they also help give a little consumer confidence to people browsing Amazon looking for new books. And yes, there are some reviews of my work I wished I’d never read, but there are also great ones too.

I currently have a few slots open on my ARC list – to nab one, just sign up here. As soon as you’ve subscribed, you’ll automatically be offered freebie reads of any new books. BUT, there’s also the opportunity to read any stories from my backlist too. And, as long as you keep reviewing, you can keep requesting.

So, if you want some new reads but want to save the pennies and don’t mind spending a few minutes on a review now and then, sign up now.


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