New Alliances is LIVE

New AlliancesI’m so stoked! New Alliances is now available on, and Smashwords. As I’m a UK-based writer, I don’t have direct access to B&N, so I’ll have to wait for the novel to work through Smashwords distribution channels. It’s also uploaded at Kobo, but isn’t yet live on their site.

Book 4 of the Inside Evil series was fantastic to write; mostly because I got to venture back into Gathin and discover more about this parallel world and those who inhabit it. Whilst there’s plenty going on in Ridgewood, a lot of answers are finally found as to where the Ammokra came from and why it comes in cycles.

Now I have to think about the fifth and final book – though I’m starting NaNoWriMo today and the sequel to CRYO comes first. Then the last installment of Inside Evil will arrive, and you’ll see from the end of New Alliances, that there’s quite a fight to be had! 😀

Thanks for being brilliant fans, taking the time to read and leaving me reviews. It makes my day!

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