Increase your July book sales with Smashwords promotion

Promotions can often be key in marketing. Getting people to buy your book is no easy thing, as I’ve discovered myself, and a few freebies and discounts here and there can offer great incentives for readers to download your book, read it, love it and hopefully spread the word.

If you currently sell with Smashwords and received their email this morning, don’t bin it to your delete box before reading because they’ve announced their Summer/Winter sale. This site-wide promotion starts on July 1st and lasts a month, allowing you to discount your books. You can make them free, 75per cent off, half price, or 25per cent off. If you want to enrol, then do so before July 1st for maximum exposure.

As you can see from the form above, it only takes mere seconds to enrol and you might find a jump in sales. I’ve never used the promotion before, but anything to offer readers a little extra incentive to buy your book is a good opportunity to utilise. Inside Evil will be 50% off for the month, and you’ll be able to buy it at the reduced price using the SSW50 code.

2 thoughts on “Increase your July book sales with Smashwords promotion

  1. Wendy Unsworth

    Geoff, thanks again for a really informative post – I did have the Smashwords email this morning and must take some time to read it. If you discount your book at Smashwords do you expect Amazon to price match it? And do you mind?

    • geoffwakeling

      Hi Wendy,

      The site-wide promotion is only for a month. To get around the Amazon matching, they generate a coupon which can be used for reduced price. Therefore, you’re still listed at your Amazon price is your worried about the matching process 🙂

      I’ve not taken part in the Smashwords promotion, but I’m interested to see how it works!

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