Inside Evil; The Tower of Souls

It’s official, the sequel to Inside Evil that I’m currently writing will be called The Tower of Souls. You may think that, as an author, I ought to have known the title before I started writing. However, many authors actually finish entire novels before the title pops into their mind. In a similar way that characters grow into themselves as the pages are written, so too does the overall story arc, and often the title. And now, 20,000 words in, The Tower of Souls has ruminated in my mind for long enough to set down its official anchor.

What can we expect from The Tower of Souls? Well, to be completely honest, I’m not even sure yet. When I was in the throes of writing Inside Evil, a lot happened which I’d never envisaged. I have set milestones that I work towards, but the storytelling in between is left largely to my fingers and the characters themselves. Do I know where Tower of Souls will finish? Yes. Do I know what is going to happen along the way? Not entirely.

I can tell you that our favourite characters, Roberta, Sam, Susan, Martha and Karl will all be back, with Sam moving to the forefront a little and having his own Point of View (POV). As Roberta explores the dangerous world of Gathin, she’s going to discover the true horrors that shadows Ridgewood, and she may come to realise that her part in this story is not a mere accident. Meanwhile, with Roberta presumed dead by her friends who have been left behind, life goes on. However, shaking off the experience that was suffered in the final days before Inside Evil’s conclusion isn’t easy and, Sam in particular, will struggle to adapt.

Several further reviews have come in for Inside Evil, making me know that taking a breath and hitting that ‘publish‘ button was the right thing to do. Now, even I am excited by the story unfolding on the screen before me. Over the coming weeks I’m also going to post a little competition for one reader to have a very specific character placed within Gathin, allowing a creative fan to have their concept immortalised in an eBook form. But for now, and with a tentative release date of September, I need to get back to tap, tap, tapping away.

3 thoughts on “Inside Evil; The Tower of Souls

    • geoffwakeling

      Hey Matt,

      I was inspired by Lindsay Buroker, who offered readers the chance to create one of her characters a flamboyant hat! I think it’s a great idea, and a creative idea which self publishers can easily use to reward fans 🙂

  1. mrj6

    Many well-known writers have called the act of plotting and writing a novel a process of discovery. It is all about trying to get to the root of the plot and the characters and discovering the story that is already there. It exists as a filamental framework out there in the fabric of eternity, and it is up to we as writers to bring it into tangible being down here, and give it linguistic form. I’ve always liked this interpretation, and your post reminds me of this idea. After reading Inside Evil, I know I have my own picture of the form I think Book Two should take (and the story as a whole); I’m curious how it gibes with other people’s ideas.

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