A Break from Advertising

When writing a book for the first time, you think that THAT is the hard part. However, when you hit that ‘publish’ button, whether it’s on Smashwords, Amazon or the various other places available for self-publishing, you discover that it’s only then that the hard work begins.

Unfortunately, most books simply don’t sell themselves. There needs to be time and effort into promoting, building a fan base, surfing forums (and by this I mean actively engaging in the community and not simply spamming book links) and getting your book and author name known. It’s a hard process. And, it takes a lot of time.

Having read on many forums and blogs that touting a single novel is often a waste of time because though you’ll get sales on one book, there’s no back catalogue for fans to then purchase, I’ve decided to cut back on advertising. Book sales are slow, but having done no real promoting in two weeks, I’m still getting the odd sale here and there. Meanwhile, the extra time means I can plough myself into writing the next Inside Evil  book which, incidentally, is coming on rather well.

I think taking a break is probably a healthy option, and stops the advertising wheel from taking over your life. And, if I can put my energies into writing and publishing more work, it can only be a good step to take.

One thought on “A Break from Advertising

  1. Mike

    Another nice article Geoff.

    Being a self-published author is really hard, you have to take on all the roles yourself. Writer; Editor; Illustrator (for the cover); marketer etc etc.

    It takes a lot of time to get your name out there, and there are lots and lots of things to consider, which I’ve learned in the time I’ve been writing and distributing e-books.

    What’s the magic formula? I wish I knew the answer to it. I think being a member of a community where people can easily see what you have to offer – is the way forward, that’s why I created MYO. To help unite everyone who has suffered the same pains as you – and help us all improve together.

    I’ve written the first blog post in a series on how we can improve e-book sales, the first being the price of the e-book. There are more to come.

    I welcome your views on my article. I will try and provide any views I have on your articles as well. 🙂

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