Top five soundtracks to enjoy whilst writing fantasy, science fiction or paranormal novels

I don’t know about you, but when I write I’m normally listening to some kind of music. I can’t have anything with actual words in because, before you know it, I’m singing along and not writing at all. However, I do find that soundtracks help immerse me into my novel, and help conjure the right ambiance to start setting out scenes.

Here are my top five writing tracks of right now:

Harry Potter

Whether you love him or hate him, Harry Potter has provided some great thrills over the year. I have all of the film soundtracks and have listened to them so much that I know the exact scene for each track. They’re great for putting you in a ‘magical’ mood.


In my personal opinion, Alien remains one of the most thrilling and scariest science fiction horrors of all time. The suspenseful and iconic score is a joy to listen to, and if you’re ever in the need for some inspiring outer space and horrifying ambiance, then this score is ideal for you.

The Descent

My all time favourite British horror movie, The Descent has confirmed my fear of caving and if there’s one thing I’m happy to never do in my life, it’s descend underground and crawl through¬†minuscule¬†rock cavities. But, this soundtrack is yet another fantastic score to enjoy if you want to give yourself an isolated ambiance with scary undertones.

28 Days Later

Ok, I lied, 28 Days Later actually tops The Descent in my favourite Brit horror flick. It’s score gives me goose pimples and there’s one scene in particular that I wrote in Inside Evil with the theme of this movie going around in my head – in my opinion, it’s the scariest scene in the book.

Jon Hopkins

OK, technically this isn’t a soundtrack, but Jon Hopkins has graced so many soundtracks that I’m bending this blog post’s rules slightly. This musician is one of my favourite artists to enjoy when I’m writing, and has a range of tracks for any occasion. If I need something uplifting, hopeful or romantic, I turn to Jon Hopkins. Here’s one of my favourite tracks, Cerulean.