Science Fiction Series, CRYO, is Being Relaunched – See the Cover

I’m truly excited to announce that, on January 7th, the CRYO series is getting a relaunch. What does that mean? It means new artwork, new interiors, a new blurb and a new product page at Amazon. It also means an introductory price tag of only 99c.

I’ve never been truly content with the cover for CRYO: Rise of the Immortals – it’s never really suited the right genre or made a big impact. So, I got the awesome Yoly at Cormar Covers on board to help out – and boy – look what she came up with!



On launch day, CRYO will be available for 99c. What can you do to help? If you have Facebook or Twitter then please consider signing up and joining my Thunderclap. This simple tool allows you to schedule a simple tweet or Facebook post for next Friday, January 8th. On that day, all the promo is sent out, allowing our group effort to reach a far wider audience than I could on my own.

In addition, if you’d like to get your hands on Book 2 for FREE, then all you need to do is review Book 1 on it’s new page within the first three days of release. Simples! Just pop me a message with a link to your review when you’re done.

After CRYO is launched, I’m almost set to release Hybrid, a short story set in the Pacifier 6 world, in early February. Then it will be the second RENOVO installment and THEN, the third book in the CRYO series. Busy time ahead!

CRYO; A Changed World is written

Just over a minute ago I wrote the last sentence of CRYO; A Changed World. I can’t believe it’s done and I’m over the moon that I managed to keep to my schedule and have it complete before January – though only just.

A Changed World has been great to write, largely because I’ve really got to indulge in exploring a new world. Rise of the Immortals was all about the CRYO lotto, the cryonics process and what happened when the podmates first emerged back into the world. There was a lot of scene setting before John was even frozen. I thought it was important to convey the place he was leaving, and the struggle he found himself in when striving to fulfil his dreams whilst saying goodbye to loved ones. A Changed World is entirely different in the fact that it’s no longer a struggle of emotion, but the struggle for survival. The new world is unrecognisable and somewhat hostile, and the CRYO podmates have a lot to encounter. From inhospitable landscapes, flora and fauna, to new creatures and foreign cultures, John and his gang have many challenges to face in the new instalment.

Now that the first draft has been written, it’s time for the hard work to begin. The book came in shy of 90,000 words, but I normally add words as part of the editing and rewriting process, so I’m under no illusion that it’ll end up nearer 100,000; a similar length to Rise of the Immortals. I’ll be self-editing in January, before sending to another editor at the beginning of February. That means, all being well, it’ll be ready for publishing by March. I also have Keith Draws on-board again for the cover, so I’m excited to get to work on that.

Alongside editing, I’ll also be starting the next Inside Evil book; it seems like only yesterday I finished New Alliances! It’s going to be bittersweet for me as I’ll bringing all those story threads to an end, but will also have to say goodbye to my characters in more ways than one.

Anyway, for now, I’ll enjoy the adrenaline at the end of the race. Happy New Year!

CRYO; Rise of the Immortals at Barnes & Noble

cryofor kindle-revMorning all, just a little book update today to let you know that CRYO: Rise of the Immortals has finally landed at B&N. It can be a little frustrating waiting for B&N to pick up Smashwords distributions, especially when other places, such as iBooks, pick new works up so quickly. However, it’s finally available – HERE.

CRYO is one of my real book loves, and John Carlody is very like me in many ways. He dreams of going to the future and finding his place in the world, but when given that golden opportunity, he finds himself second guessing and wondering if he’s making the right choice.

John’s life is ordinary. Whilst skyscrapers soar towards the heavens, leaving a dying Earth far below, John has little to enthuse him about the modern world. He’s the black sheep of the family, the recluse, the one who never did anything worthwhile. That is, until John wins an elusive ticket to the CRYO program. Within seconds, his life explodes in a flash of cameras, notoriety and intrigue.

The chance to sleep for a few decades and wake in a new world, a place where life might be better, is all that John can hope for. But, is CRYO everything it says it is? Is the promise of a prosperous future unfounded? Only time will tell, as John becomes one of 50 new immortal souls to ride out the journey of time….

If you’ve had your appetite wetted, then you can download the sample at B&N. CRYO, is also available at Amazon, Kobo and iBooks, and there’s a couple of reviews over at

Happy Hump Day! 🙂