Book 1 of The Gathin Chronicles is…complete!

I’m utterly thrilled to report that Tarmachan – Book One of The Gathin Chronicles is complete! Well, the first draft anyway. It took a little more effort than I originally anticipated because a) it’s 10,000 words longer than expected and b) I ran out of steam during the past few days and couldn’t get those 3,000 words per day. But, it IS done!

It’s been really fun to write. During the Inside Evil series, the focus was on contrasting Gathin against Earth; the various lives of each doppelganger and how Gathin had made them different from their twins on Earth, for instance.  Take Susan and Sesane. Both fiercely determined to avenge their daughter’s deaths but poor Sesane suffering terribly at the medieval ways of Gathin; both emotionally and physically. Yet it was both women who helped Roberta quell the Ammokra. In The Gathin Chronicles, however, I get to forget about Earth and explore the North Realm in greater depth…and that allows mystical creatures and beasts, along with the huge wolves, cats and horses, of course!

One reason for the extra 10,000 words was that, during the run up to the end, three centaurs appeared and pulled the story in a completely new direction. There are forest trolls, and mountain sprites, and water nymphs who traverse the North Realm via underground wells and hot springs.

Tarmachan is now in the hands of my beta reader. Though I don’t always send work out to beta’s, with a brand new series I like to get an idea of how well the story fits. Especially with Tarmachan, where there are some interesting characters, I want to make sure they sit right and aren’t either too bland, or too annoying. The cover art has been ordered and I should be able to reveal that in a week or so.

In the meantime, all you RENOVO lovers can rejoice because, today, I’m getting to work on Book 4!


Grab Space Opera RENOVO for just 99c!

Well, it’s been a week since RENOVO Symbiosis arrived and though I ran a 24 hour price deal for the new title, it’s now back to its normal price of $2.99. BUT – I thought it only fair to give new readers to the series a little perk; hence the new 99c price point.

I’m not sure how long it’ll last for, but if you haven’t yet jumped into this series and met Dr. Rachel Galliance, Dendrick, Silver and the rest of the crew, now’s the time to do so!

renovoHer mission to Mars just became a fight for survival.

Dr. Rachel Galliance has a simple plan. Head to Mars,complete an 18 month rotation and earn as much as possible. She’s claustrophobic and hates space flight, but her family’s medical bills come first. However, when the mission goes terribly wrong, it becomes clear she may never see her loved ones again.

With her spaceship crumbling and the flight crew missing,Rachel must fight for her life. Stuck with a group of strangers, and stranded in an alien system, the decisions she now makes affect more than she could have ever imagined. Can she survive the RENOVO’s destruction?

Don’t miss RENOVO, the first in the series by G. Wakeling.If you like Battlestar Galactica, the Expanse or The Martian, then this space opera will have you turning the pages. Come check it out!

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Grab RENOVO Symbiosis for 99c Launch Price

As subscribers to my newsletter know – RENOVO Symbiosis is here! I’m running a special launch price of 99c for the FIRST 24 HOURS ONLY (which actually runs out in about eight hours <- so be quick).

Here’s the cover, the blurb and the links!

renovo_symbiosis_finalHer mission was to survive. Now the odds are against her.

When Dr. Rachel Galliance and her crew were marooned on Howler, they fought for answers. Why had they been sent here? Who was in charge? Would they ever see Earth again? It didn’t take long for rebellion to begin.

But so focused on escaping the dangerous alien planet, the RENOVO crew have taken their eyes off the real threat. And in a desperate bid to fuel their way home, Rachel unwittingly leads her friends into mortal danger. Who will survive as the strange world starts fighting back?

RENOVO Symbiosis is the third novel in this thrilling space opera saga by G. Wakeling. If you love intrigue, intense conflict and aliens, then don’t miss this book!

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RENOVO: Symbiosis is AWAY

renovo_symbiosis_finalYes, I am thrilled to report that the first draft for RENOVO: Symbiosis has now been given a once over and has been sent off to the editor. That means, with clear days and a spot of luck, it should be ready for publication in the second week of February!

Now it’s time for the scary part…waiting. I always feel like this with sequels. If the first in a series flops and burns, it’s not exactly disasterous. I mean, you wrote, you tried, you didn’t conquer. BUT, when you write sequels to a book that both you and your readers love; that’s scary. What if they don’t like the story? What if there are questions about my character development? Maybe I didn’t answer enough questions. And…the worst…what if it’s BORING?!

So yes, as I said, now it’s the scary part.

However, I’m doing my best to avoid that by focussing all my writing power into The Gathin Chronicles. I’m about 30,000 words in which means there’s only 20,000 to go! SO, actually, if I can get to it, I should be able to wrap the first draft for this book up by the end of next week. My schedule is on track so far; one thing to be pleased about.

There’s already been a small change in that it’s no longer called The Forgotten Lands. I had an ‘aha‘ moment the other day whilst writing, and as a major piece of Gathin mythology fell into place, I also found a much better name for the book, though I’m not quite ready to reveal it <- in case it changes again!

So for now, keep your fingers crossed; Symbiosis is a-coming.


The Cover for RENOVO Symbiosis is Here!

The cover for RENOVO Symbiosis is here! It’s time for the survivors of the RENOVO to continue their story.


I’m working through the final draft and then it’ll be off to the editor. That means that I should have the book ready for launch at the beginning of February; that’s only a couple of weeks away! Dr. Rachel Galliance, Silver, Dendrick and the rest of the crew will, once again, be battling Howler’s wrath, dealing with conflict in the group and continuing to unravel the mystery as to why Earth Command stranded them.

If you’re yet to explore the RENOVO universe, you can check them out and see previews here.

Now, it’s back to writing the first of the Gathin Chronicles for me <- after I’ve taken the dogs out to enjoy some crisp winter air and frosty ground. 🙂


2017 Schedule – Upcoming Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books

Well, there’s some good news – last night I finished the first draft of RENOVO; Symbiosis! Of course, it’s far from the finished article. I need to go through and make changes before it can go to my editor. But it’s just about done, and that means I’ll soon have new Dr. Galliance adventures to share.

But, my writing doesn’t stop and today I’ve picked up The Forgotten Lands and jumping into Lyllia’s story. This lesbian princess wants to go fight trolls and shadow-stalkers in the Northern Realm, so that’s what I’m going to let her do!

I thought I’d outline my writing schedule for the year to come, as much for myself as anyone. Putting it to paper, committing it to blog helps my brain realise it HAS to be done. So, these are the plans (they may change)!

**Winter 2017 – Jan – March

RENOVO Symbiosis
Gathin Chronicles – The Forgotten Lands

**Spring 2017 – April – June

RENOVO – Book 4
Gathin Chronicles – Book 2 (Title TBC)

**Summer 2017 – July – Sep

Gathin Chronicles – Book 3 (Title TBC)

**Autumn 2017 – Oct – Dec

CRYO – Enemy of Earth

For those of you on Facebook, you’ll note one small change already in that the fourth RENOVO installment is delayed until spring. This is simply because I need time for ideas to percolate. I only finished Symbiosis yesterday and will edit in conjunction of writing the first Gathin Chronicles. This way I can stay fresh and eager to each book, instead of feeling I’m simply churning out stories.

So, six books planned for this year. There’s a cover reveal to come in the next week or so, and then Symbiosis should be out at the start of February. 😀


Fans in Fiction

I’m extremely close to finishing RENOVO; Symbiosis. The artwork has been commissioned as you might have guessed from the teaser header, and the editor is on standby. In fact, I actually hope to round everything off this weekend. Then I’ll need to go back through the manuscript, tidy up some plot holes, make a few character adjustments which I’ve noted along the way and then it’ll be zipped off for a professional glance <- yes, I CANNOT self-edit and man, have I tried. If you were some of the first to read Inside Evil, you’ll have definitely realised that I CANNOT self-edit!

One thing that has been really fun in writing this third installment is the inclusion of a few fan names. I threw out a call on Facebook a couple of months ago and said

‘Hey guys. You want your name in RENOVO?’

Luckily I had a few takers. The RENOVO crew, as it stands, numbers just over 70. We have our main cast; strong-willed leader Jax, the ever grumpy Ballard, engineering twins Gopher and Pret, as well as lead Dr. Rachel Galliance, love-interest Yacin and a few others. But that leaves A LOT of cast. I have around 40 names jotted down in a notebook but the other 30? No idea.

Getting to know these new characters, complete with a few fan names thrown in, has been great fun. I hope those of you who put your name down enjoy seeing your namesakes in RENOVO. I DID warn you might not make it; after all, this is an alien planet the crew are trying to survive on.

No spoilers BUT there are some more cast to name so I’m certainly put another call out in a few weeks when I begin on the fourth RENOVO book. Until then, I must wrap up the latest episode and ensure Rachel survives until the end <- you know, because she’s always trying to kill herself.