Geoff Wakeling

Tarmachan – My Newest Fantasy Novel – Is Here!


Tarmachan is here! It’s been a ‘journey’ in getting the cover artwork done but the fantastic Steven, at Novak Illustration came up trumps and produced something that captured everything I wished for. As is increasingly becoming the norm, Amazon had Tarmachan up in no time – including the ‘Look Inside’. So, without further ado, here’s the blurb and the appropriate links.

Things are not always what they seem…sometimes, a palace is nothing more than a gilded cage, and a chance at freedom is no more than another trap.

Now fifteen, Lyllia realises that her life of royalty and privilege is actually one of oppressive restriction behind castle walls. The Crossover Festival draws near, and she hopes that with it, comes freedom. But her debut takes a dark twist when her confident disappears, leaving Lyllia to struggle through the festival’s ceremony alone.

Reunited with her friend, yet kidnapped from her home, Lyllia must fight to escape the clutches of her captors. But, out in the Northern Wilds, she discovers her daydreams have been childish musings compared to the real terrors lurking shadows. Here, trolls, death lights and shadow stalkers lay.

As her new world unveils itself, Lyllia learns there’s a fine line between right and wrong. It seems that the life of a princess is rife with twisted lies and betrayal.

Tarmachan – Book One of the Gathin Chronicles is available at: 

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