Inside Evil is now on GooglePlay

GooglePlay1Well, it’s taken me some time, but I’ve finally got the Inside Evil series on GooglePlay. One of the reasons many authors have stayed away is because Google automatically discounts books. So, if I upload The Tower of Souls for $2.99, then they slash it even further. Whilst this isn’t great for the platform itself, Amazon then price matches and there’s a whole circle of nightmare going on. BUT, fellow writer, T. K. Kenyon, found a way around this little issue!

Now, as if my books weren’t available on all manner of platforms already, you can now also grab them on GooglePlay. Just follow this link to see the series. Meanwhile, I’m ALMOST finished with finale. I want to get it right, hence why it’s taking a little longer than previously expected.

Inside Evil is going ON TOUR


So, I’m working hard at the moment to complete the first draft of To Kill A Curse –  I know it’s late, but I’m getting there. In fact, I’m hoping to finish it THIS weekend. With the finale almost done, I’m starting to prepare for a few plugs here and there in the future. As a result, in September, Inside Evil and the rest of the series is going on tour! If you’d like to participate by posting on your blog or reviewing (yes, that’s right – there’s FREE books up for grabs) then please sign up using the form below. :)

Inside Evil Tour Sign-Up

If you’ve read the books already, then feel free to join. Alternatively, if you want to be involved but don’t have time to actually read the series, that’s no problem either – just opt out of reviewing.

Have a great weekend – I better get back to work!

Smashwords Summer Sale – Grab a Bargain Book


It’s that time of year again; Smashwords Summer Sale. If you’re anything like me, you tend to read a bit more in the summer. I don’t know whether it’s the idea of sheltering from the sun under a tree or going on holiday that’s conducive to reading more, but I certainly grab a lot of fun reads at this time of year. Lucky for me – Smashwords are always around with some bargains.

If you’ve never used Smashwords before, it’s an ebook site where you can purchase a huge variety of file types. Buy a book and read the PDF on your desktop, enjoy the novel in your web browser or download the .mobi file and next time you connect your Kindle, just drop the files into the appropriate folder.

The sale started yesterday (July 1st) and I’ve reduced my entire catalogue, with 50% savings across the board. With Inside Evil free, that means you can grab the entire series so far (four books) for under a fiver. The CRYO books, and my zombie novella, Pacifier 6, are also discounted. Anyway, I won’t ramble on – I have the final Inside Evil book to write after all – so feel free to follow the link below and grab some bargains during July. If you’re looking for some more science fiction and fantasy reads, there’s a load of my author friends also with their books on sale. :)

Happy Reading

Grab one of my books on Smashwords with a 50% discount here.

Also find discounted books by these authors:

Kate AaronThe Lost Realm Trilogy (25% off)
Patty JansenEntire catalogue of Fantasy and Science Fiction (50% off)
Vincent TrigiliLost Tales of Power (Volumes 1-3) (75% off)
Chris ReherThe Catalyst (Targen Tales 2) (50% off) – The first book, Sky Hunter, is Free.
Deirdre GouldEntire catalogue of Dystopian (50% off)
Annie BellettEntire catalogue of Speculative Fiction (50% 0ff)

Hemlock Grove Season 2 Trailer

Okay, so a few weeks I ago I posted that the fantastic Netflix series, ‘Hemlock Grove’ was soon to make a return. Now, with only very little time until there’s a WHOLE SEASON to watch again (I LOVE how Netflix does that), I’ve just found this season 2 trailer. I’m thrilled to see that many of the cast are back – despite the ending of Season 1.  One of the reasons I like this season so much is because it’s just plain weird. These are fantasy creatures and characters we’ve seen so many times before but they’ve been given brand new life – an important step seeing that True Blood’s about to finish (though, judging on the opening episode for the last season, it’s about time for Sookie and those vamps to say goodbye – it was pretty poor). Watching these series really inspires me to write new and interesting takes on traditional themes – something I think is important for writers to do so we’re not rehashing the same thing repeatedly.

So, without further ado, here’s the new footage for Hemlock. You’ll see it’s pretty extreme and wacky – puuuurfect, in my opinion! Netflix really do seem to be breaking boundaries with their series investment, and with news they’re about to start developing films, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Mass Effect 4 and World Building

If there’s one modern franchise I love, it’s Mass Effect. Several years ago, when only the first title was out, I was searching for something on a rainy day to amuse me. I needed an instant fix, something downloadable, and I hopped onto EA, did a search and found this title called Mass Effect. I hummed and hawed for quite some time about whether to spend £10 on it – yep, it was only a tenner. A few minutes later, it was downloaded and I was cast into a new world of raging wars, alien races, the threat of extinction and incredible characters, species and storylines. I’ve played all the trilogy constantly ever since, have several figurines (including a Shepherd signed by Mark Meer) and keep a watch out for the latest reports on upcoming titles.

Of course, as E3 opens, we now know that Mass Effect 4 is most definitely coming – albeit under that name or something a little less obvious. The trailer (if it can be called that; it’s more of a production piece) outlined some interesting concepts. Firstly, that the instalment is likely to have new characters and reveal parts of galaxy never seen in the original trilogy. It’s long been believed that Shepherd’s story has ended, and though there was no definite agreement, the video suggests that we’re moving onto fresher pastures in ME4. It was implied that world maps are likely to be far more extensive too, possibly something more akin to MMO territory rather than territories based around specific routes characters have to traverse. In addition, it seems weather, seasonal and time-of-day factors have been brought in too, so that as you play, the world around you changes.

One fact I especially liked was when Casey Hudson (executive producer) talking about world-building. It’s what us writers do to; develop a story and create a compelling world. Mostly, for me, it’s the character that comes to mind first. The world-building aspect comes later as my cast comes to life and starts needing a place to live. The Mass Effect crew seem to have stripped everything right back to the beginning, and as well as considering their characters, are thinking about how cities looks and how worlds appear. It’s a slightly different angle; develop an alien world and city, and THEN think about who’d live there.

Of course, my world for CRYO is pretty much created – it’s Earth after all, just slightly different. However, as John and the crew start to traverse the stars in a bid to find answers, particularly from other alien races which have had only a mere mention in the books, I might take a new approach. Create a world, create a city and then think about the complex characters who might be found within. This, of course, will be alongside scouring the Internet for every conceivable piece of info on Mass Effect 4! I better get writing because as soon as this new game hits, I’ll be disappearing into its incredible and involving universe.

It’s nearly time for more Netflix ‘Hemlock Grove’

HemlockI’m currently writing the Inside Evil series finale – To Kill A Curse’, and besides being chained to the computer, I’ve discovered Netflix in a BIG way. One of the stand out series I’ve found is Hemlock Grove. Why do I love it? Because it’s damn weird!

I hate trying to put Hemlock into a box, but if I had to, I’d describe it as Twin Peaks meets X Files with a sprinkling of the Vampire Diaries (don’t shriek at the latter – all I mean by that is that it’s a small town, a few teeny boppers thrown into the mix, a high school setting…you get the idea). I’ve always loved entertainment that doesn’t feel the need to explain itself. Some of my favourite Star Trek episodes are those that are so weird you spend 45 minutes wondering what the hell’s going on and it’s only in the final few minutes that everything finally becomes clear. X-files liked to do this too, and then there was Twin Peaks; a series which never gave too much away and took weird to an entirely new level without apology. I like weird, and gruesome, and surprising, and it’s something I try to emanate a little in my own work. I know that some readers don’t like it. That’s just people; some like things tied up in nice little conclusions – which is completely fair enough. But I sometimes feel the need to write something odd without having to explain the intricacies of who, what, where or why.

I’m not posting any spoilers on Hemlock here, but I will say I was a little disappointed in the series finale. Everything seemed to get sewn up rather neatly; perhaps the executives hadn’t yet had confirmation of a second run. There were some obvious end-of-the-line moments for a few favourite characters too. I’ve had quite enough of that from George R. R. ‘I’ll create some great characters and then kill them all‘ Martin, thank you very much. There’s a steller cast, with X-Men, Six Feet Under and Battlestar Galactica alumni all appearing throughout the series. And, even better, with it being a Netflix Original Series, ALL the episodes air at once – YIPPEE, that’s TV junkies like myself happy.

With the entire new season ready on July 11th, I’m excited to see what’s in store for this series with iconic creatures presented in an entirely new way. But, for now, I better get writing because in just a few short days I’m sure to be glued to my television!

CRYO: A Changed World is HERE

A changed world 600pxApril 13th! That means ONE thing – in my world, anyway – CRYO: A Changed World is published!! It’s now live on Smashwords and Amazon, already have a FIVE STAR review from one ARC reader, and I’m currently hosting the release party over on Facebook. If you’d like to join us, head over HERE.

If you’re just looking to grab the book, then here are the links:


Hopefully it’ll quickly be up on iTunes, B&N and Kobo too (and finally, when I get my act in gear, it’ll be on GooglePlay).